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Presentations(1st author) in the International Congress
1. Chung,T.S., Kim,K.M., Suh,J.H., Kim.D.I., Joo,S.H., Jeong,H.J.: Lymphatic Enhanced CT of Lymph Node Malignancies: Initial Observation.
Oral presentation #790, RSNA '89, Chicago.

2. Chung,T.S., Suh,J.H., Kim,D.I., Park,C.Y., Lee,B.I. :Tc-99m HMPAO brain SPECT for evaluation of brain function recovery after intracarotid arterial urokinase therapy for acute cerebral infarct.
Oral presentation #229, RSNA '91, Chicago.

3. Chung,T.S., Suh,J.H., Kim,D.I., Park,C.Y., Lee,K.S., Lee,W.S.: Balloon test occlusion of the internal carotid artery with Tc-99m HMPAO brain SPECT.
Oral presentation #481, RSNA '91, Chicago.

4. Chung,T.S., Suh,J.H., Kim,D.I.: Fluoroscopic guided transnasal biopsy of nasopharyngeal cardinoma using flexible bronchoscopy biopsy forceps.
Oral presentation #59, ASNR '93. Vancouver.

5. Chung TS, Yousem DM. MR imaging of mandibular invasion in patients with oral and oropharyngeal malignancies.
Oral presentation #66, ASNR '93, Vancouver.

6. Chung TS, Yousem DM. MR imaging of carotid angiopathy after therapeutic irradiation.
Poster #6, ASNR '93, Vancouver.

7. Chung TS, Jeong EK, Kim YS. Lumbar MR imaging during traction and compression for evaluation of reducibility of herniated lumbar disks.
Oral presentation #32, RSNA '94, Chicago.

8. Chung TS, '95 International symposium, Beijing: CT-discography

9. Chung TS, Rhim YC, Jin EH, Lee DH, Noh JH. Redistribution of inflow on phantoms of stenotic internal carotid arteries: Comparison of magnetic resonance angiography, digital subtraction angiography and computed fluid dynamics.
Poster #571, ISMRM '96 NewYork.

10. Chung TS, Lee DH, Hong KS, Kim DG, Chien D, Frenzel T, Weinmann H-J. What is optimal dose of Gd-DTPA in aortic blood during breath hold 3D-TOF MRA?
Oral presentation, Second International Magnetom Vision Conference, Rotterdam, June 13-14, 1997

11. Chung TS, Lee DH, Hong KS, Chien D, Frenzel T, Weinmann H-J. What is optimal dose of Gd-DTPA in aortic blood during breath hold 3D-TOF MRA?
Oral presentation #669, RSNA '97, Chicago.

12. Chung TS, Jeong EK, Kim YS. Magnetization transfer effect on lumbar disk degeneration.
Oral presentation #806, RSNA '97, Chicago.

13. Chung TS, Joo JY, Chien D, Laub G. Potential pitfall of first pass contrast enhanced magnetic resonance angiography: Delayed visualization of narrow neck aneurysm in phantom studies.
Poster #1288, ISMRM '98 Sydney, Australia

14. Chung TS, Lee Y, Chung MH. Reversed flow of Lt. internal jugular vein as a cause of tinnitus and vertigo on contrast enhanced MRA.
Oral presentation #240. RSNA '98, Chicago

15. Chung TS, Nam S, Joo J, Chien D, Laub G. Thin slice and fast dynamic contrast enhanced MR imaging of pituitary microadenoma with slice interpolation technique.
Oral presentation #348. RSNA '98, Chicago

16. Chung TS, Mirolioubov S, Kim DK, Rhim YC, Lee YJ. Quantitative measurement of blood flow rate by duplex Doppler in vitro studies.
Oral presentation 9th WFUMB, Florence, Italy, 2000